7:30 p.m. Program # 1 - Opening Night and Reception with Filmmaker


Eco-Alianza de Loreto, AC - CenCoMA

MOTION (Short Subject)

Director Alfredo Barroso | Mexico | 2014 | 3'

Synopsis: Kelp forest moves with the surge.


Director/Producer Michael Watchulonis | Producer/Cinematographer Johnny Friday | Mexico/U.S.A. | 2014 | 52'

Synopsis: There are few places on earth more forbidding and beautiful than Baja, Mexico. 800 miles long and 10 million years in the making, it is home to a punishing desert and the most diverse sea on the planet. Explore amazing ecosystems in the Sea of Cortez and join the hunt with charismatic mega fauna - great creatures that inspire wonder, joy, fear, and awe. From Emmy-nominated producer Michael Watchulonis and Emmy award winning cinematographer Johnny Friday. Captured entirely in 4K over a period of 4 years.

1:00 p.m. Program # 2 - Documentaries about Mexican Artists

Ticket Price: 10 U.S.D.

La Misión Hotel - 4th Floor Conference Room

THE LASTING LIFE (Short Subject)

Director Yain Rodríguez | Mexico | 2014 | 20'

Synopsis: “The Lasting Life” looks at the Mexican poetess Dolores Castro and her poetry; it is an homage to the poetess and her poetry, a journey across a full life that has given a face and voice to the forgotten ones. “The Lasting Life” is that: a lovely act and the perpetuation of the personally experienced.


Director Aaron Schock | U.S.A. (Filmed in Mexico) | 2010 | 75'

Synopsis: The Ponce family’s hardscrabble circus has lived and performed on the back roads of Mexico since the 19th century. But can their way of life survive into the 21st century? Against the backdrop of Mexico’s collapsing rural economy, the ringmaster must choose between his family tradition and a wife who wants a better life for their family outside the circus.

4:00 p.m. Program # 3 - Short Films*

Ticket Price: 10 U.S.D.

Hacienda Suites Hotel - Salon de los Misiones

POLVO ERES (Short Subject)

Director David Muñoz Velasco | Mexico | 2014 | 12'

Synopsis: A solitary and retired old man receives a mysterious letter that contains a shocking message that will torture him for seven days.


Director Teri Carson | Mexico | 2012, 2014 | 5', 2'

Synopsis: After being scolded one too many times, mischievous Toñita runs away from home. While on the road, she meets another little girl and together they embark on a frolic through the Mexican countryside. In the second film, Toñita meets a mysterious boy who teaches her how to skateboard.


Director Harm Weistra | Amsterdam/Mexico | 2014 | 11'

Synopsis: Intrinsic Moral Evil at first sight seems to be a tale of identity and growing up. But above all, the three dancers play a game with the viewer’s perception and expectations.

SUBPLOT (Short Film)

Director Teri Carson | Mexico | 2013 | 15'

Synopsis: Hooking up is easy, breaking up is not. A couple wants to break up but is unable to communicate or have the courage to say something.


Director Oscar Rodríguez Górriz | Mexico | 2014 | 18'

Synopsis: A tainted woman seeks out the worst of men to satiate her thirst for revenge. She cannot forget her dark past, nor stop her desire to punish them.

SUBPLOT (Short Film)

Director Teri Carson | Mexico | 2013 | 15'

Synopsis: Hooking up is easy, breaking up is not. A couple wants to break up but is unable to communicate or have the courage to say something.

LUZAZUL (Short Film)

Director Osiris Luciano | Mexico | 2010 | 14'

Synopsis: They meet at the roof top to say “goodbye.” Both are 13 years old. A handmade kite is ready for a farewell flight but…they confront a windless scenario. Together they call upon the blue sky to blow. And suddenly they see something in the Sun. A luminous bond is made.

* Come have a drink in the lovely courtyard just before or after the screening!

7:00 p.m. Program # 4 - Feature Film**

Ticket Price: 10 U.S.D.

The Backyard at Mediterraneo


Director Mariana Chenillo | Mexico | 2013 | 105'

Synopsis: Childhood sweethearts Carmen and Alfredo live a life of quiet bliss in Satélite, a sleepy suburb outside of Mexico City. When Alfredo is offered a promotion, the lovebirds make the move into the bustling metropolis. It’s a rude awakening for Carmen, who until now has not really worried about the fact that she and Alfredo are both overweight. After overhearing gossip about their body shapes at a company party, she decides that it is time to swap the donuts for salads, and urges Alfredo to join her in a weight-loss program. But when only one of them actually starts to slim down, a rift emerges in their relationship.

** Bring a donation of socks, notebooks or water bottles for the students at the local Internado boarding school and receive a drink coupon for a beer or soda at the door!

2:00 p.m. Program # 5 - Documentary

Ticket Price: 10 U.S.D.

Eco-Alianza de Loreto, AC - CenCoMA


Director Lourdes Grobet | Mexico (Filmed in the U.S.A.) | 2013 | 84'

Synopsis: This documentary closely follows a group of people living in the Bering Strait and delves into the fundamental aspects of their daily lives, their survival, and the contrast between their traditions and the modern world. With extraordinary imagery, Bering portrays exceptionally well a community fighting to preserve its culture in this mythical part of the world.

7:00 p.m. Program # 6 - Closing Program

Ticket Price: 10 U.S.D.

Eco-Alianza de Loreto, AC - CenCoMA


Director Eréndira Valle | Mexico | 2012 | 80'

Synopsis: A journey over and about the sea that portrays the diversity and charm of the seas of the Mexican northwest. A team of filmmakers from the city and divers sail several weeks on a ship, The Sandman, to find the unknown: overwhelmingly enormous and friendly beings; waters thriving with life, beauty and motion in the natural reservations of the Gulf of California and the Pacific, unique in the world. Back in the metropolis, the natural link between the people in the cities and the sea is proved, while reflecting this connection’s ethereal and intangible quality, by means of subtle audiovisual metaphors that will captivate the spectator.

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