Friends of CINÉXICO,

We would like to thank all of you who attended our inaugural festival in 2016. It gave us further insight into the needs of the local community in Loreto that we want to support. Since we have a small team, we are taking some extra time to properly plan our next event. We will be meeting with local organizations and will be posting information about our next festival on our website ( We are also working with our sponsors and supporters. Please check back for updates soon!

CINÉXICO, the Film Festival of Loreto, celebrates films from Mexico and invites cinema lovers to experience Mexican culture on the screen and in the natural beauty of Baja California Sur. Surrounded by unspoiled, protected islands and the vibrant ocean life of the Sea of Cortes, Loreto is truly a "Pueblo Magico," giving filmmakers a stunning setting in which to showcase their films that celebrate the environment, whether natural or urban, where human experiences converge.


• We’ve put together the FAQ below to help answer some questions you may have. We hope you will be able to attend. If you are interested in supporting our efforts through sponsorship, donation or volunteering, more information can be found on our website (

• WHEN IS THE CINÉXICO FILM FESTIVAL? We are currently in the planning stages of our next event. Check our website for updates.

• WHY HAVE A FILM FESTIVAL IN LORETO? Simply because most everyone loves movies! It is also a great opportunity not only to see films that normally would be difficult or impossible to see in Loreto, but to see them with your community in a public space, with time to chat with others afterwards and enjoy an afternoon or evening meeting people.

• WHAT'S THE FESTIVAL ABOUT? WHAT KINDS OF MOVIES WILL BE SHOWN? Mexican films (features, documentaries, shorts, etc.) from Mexican filmmakers (producers, directors, writers and/or actors) OR directly about Mexico, in order to celebrate the dynamic culture and cinematic tradition of this country.

• BUT I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH, WILL THE MOVIES BE SUBTITLED? Yes, all Spanish language films will be subtitled, and some may be in English with Spanish subtitles.

• WILL THERE BE OTHER EVENTS BESIDES FILMS? We hope to host an opening and closing night reception, yes. Beyond that, we hope to schedule a workshop or brief lecture/Q&A about Mexican film history and current and future trends with a film expert.

• HOW DO I GET TICKETS? Check the website for details. Tickets will be available for purchase the week of the festival in person in Loreto, and some will be reserved to sell at the door on the day of the screenings.

• WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? We are partnering with non-profit organizations: The International Community Foundation (ICF) in the U.S. and Eco-Alianza de Loreto, A.C. in Mexico. After the hard costs of the festival are met, excess funds will go to these programs. Donors from the U.S. and Mexico will be able to receive tax write-offs for donations made to the festival through these organizations.

• HOW CAN I HELP? We're so glad you asked! We could use donations of any amount. See our website for packages that will earn you advertising space, tickets to films and events, and more. Checks can be written to the ICF or Eco-Alianza (depending if you are a U.S. or Mexican resident) and noted "CINEXICO FILM FESTIVAL FUND" so it can be earmarked for this event. Donations above nominal amounts are tax-deductible minus the value of goods received (see specifics on ICF website).

• I WILL BUY SOME SCREENING TICKETS, BUT CAN'T DONATE A LARGER SUM. CAN I HELP IN ANOTHER WAY? Yes! Follow us on Twitter (@Cinexico), on Facebook, and spread the word among your friends so that we can get a good turnout from the wider Loreto community. If it goes well and there is a lot of interest, we can continue doing this annually! We will also need volunteers to take tickets, organize screening spaces, help with catering, and so on as we get closer. If you are interested in this, please email and put VOLUNTEER in the subject line. Thank you!


Our Partners and Sponsors

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