Eco-Alianza de Loreto A.C.

  • MISIÓNTrabajar para proteger y conservar nuestro entorno natural y cultural mediante el fortalecimiento de la sociedad civil y el gobierno y juntos crear comunidades sanas y prosperas.

    VISIÓNLa comunidad reconoce que su calidad de vida esta relacionada con la salud y vitalidad del medio ambiente y los ciudadanos actúan acorde a esto.

    International Community Foundation

  • Mission The International Community Foundation seeks to inspire international charitable giving by U.S. donors, with an emphasis on Mexico and Latin America.

    VisionThe International Community Foundation seeks to increase health, education and environmental grantmaking to local organizations in Mexico and Latin America, with the goal of strengthening civil society and promoting sustainable communities.

    Values▪ Commitment – to honor our donors and their vision to create sustainable communities throughout Mexico and Latin America. We respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities present in the region today and in the future.

    ▪ Expertise and Knowledge – to make good decisions based on our technical, programmatic, and local expertise that will give our investments the best chance of success. We will share this knowledge widely, encouraging participation and new ideas from donors, grantees, and other partners.

    ▪ Integrity – to uphold the highest possible standards in international grantmaking. We honor donor intent and privacy commitments. We integrate a high level of ethics, integrity and transparency in all of our work.

    ▪ Stewardship – to create lasting improvements in education, health, and the environment in Mexico and Latin America that also result in stronger civil society organizations, better managed marine and terrestrial ecosystems, healthier communities, and effective education systems. We safeguard donor intent and the resources entrusted to us.

    ▪ Collaboration – to transform passion into results through strategic partnerships, teamwork, and pooling of resources.

    Bullfish Pictures

  • Bullfish is a true mom-and-pop production shop made up of a team of talented folks who have made and worked on indie and studio features, television pilots, commercials, music videos and short subject DVD and web pieces - the variety keeps us inspired and excited, and we approach each project with creativity and fresh ideas.

    Bullfish will help you develop your idea or take one that is ready to go and run with it. Then we'll handle all the post-production fun - sound, editing, graphics, color - and help you get it out there through our own online distribution platform, or by creating whatever deliverables you require for another outlet.

    Let's make something!


  • Palamai provides revolutionary marketing and advertising solutions for filmmakers, marketers and advertisers wishing to leverage social media for their campaigns. Palamai was founded to provide a comprehensive set of services to help:

    Filmmakers that want to effectively leverage a do-it-yourself distribution channel utilizing the Storynoise video solution. The Storynoise video player allows filmmakers to embed a video player on their Facebook page or website allowing viewers to preview trailers, rent or purchase films.

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    The integrated suite of applications can be used independently, or together, to form a complete earned media planning solution for filmmaker, brands and advertising agencies.


  • Storynoise is a distribution platform for filmmakers by filmmakers. You control the platform, maintain all your rights and reap the benefits of all your creative endeavors. Upload the film, set the price and embed the film on your website and/or Facebook page. We provide the tools to harness the power of social media viral marketing at your fingertips. From analytics to share buttons, we give you the necessary utilities to engage, reach and find your audience.

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    Hotel Tripui

  • Sea bienvenido a Hotel Tripui, un hotel privado, romántico y acogedor abrazado por la tranquilidad del Mar de Cortés y la majestuosa Sierra de la Giganta. Ubicado en Puerto Escondido, a 17 kilómetros al sur de la ciudad y Pueblo Mágico de Loreto y a 15 kilómetros del Aeropuerto Internacional de Loreto (LTO), Hotel Tripui fue construido en 2006 y completamente remodelado en el año 2011 para seguir conservando el aire de hotel boutique y atmósfera tradicional que nos distingue de otros hoteles en Loreto, Baja California Sur.

    Generoso en servicios a todos los huéspedes, Hotel Tripui Loreto cuenta con instalaciones que proporcionan placer y tranquilidad, con una amplia alberca rodeada de coloridos y saludables árboles floridos. Además, nuestro hotel en Loreto, B.C.S. le ofrece:

    * 20 hermosas habitaciones de estilo francés

    * Un restaurant-bar con platillos para toda la familia

    * Playa privada y servicio de campo de golf

    * Internet inalámbrico sin costo

    * Tours de avistamiento de ballenas, kayak, buceo y más

    Hospédese en el único hotel de la zona con espectacular vista a la Sierra de la Giganta. Reserve su hotel en Loreto, Baja California Sur, hoy mismo a través de este sitio web y obtenga la mejor tarifa de Hotel Tripui en línea, garantizada.

    Wine Cellar @ Nopolo

  • Welcome to the Wine Cellar @ Nopolo, a wine bar and retail establishment located just minutes south of the Loreto International Airport (LTO) in Nopolo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. We have created a warm, welcoming and comfortable place for Loreto Bay residents, guests and Loretanos to gather and share their stories over a glass or bottle of wine. In addition to offering wine by the glass, we have a full bar selection and are now serving tapas. Our retail merchandise has arrived and the shelves are stocked

    We are open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm and from 2:00 pm until 10:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday (closed Tuesdays). Stop in and say hello, make your self comfortable and catch up on the latest scores for your favorite hockey, basketball, soccer and football team!

    Coming soon are our wine tasting events, live music, wine trivia challenges and more.

    If you have any questions, want to make an request for something special, or would like to display your art in our space, please send us a message at


    Will & Cynthia

    The Backyard Cantina & Mezquite Grill

  • Loreto Bay Homes

  • Welcome to Loreto BayOur friendly community is nestled below the dramatic Sierra de la Giganta, with the warm, clear waters of the Sea of Cortez at our doorstep. Loreto Bay, inhabited by over 800 species of marine life, is protected as a World Heritage marine site. Enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, scuba, tennis, hiking, deep sea sport fishing, and a championship 18-hole golf course.

    Book a tour to offshore Coronado Island to see dolphins and sea lions, and snorkel off the island. Explore the charming town of Loreto, the first capital of Baja, approximately 10 miles north, with its old-world architecture, historic mission, and variety of shopping. Dine in town at one of a growing number of small restaurants, Or simply relax with a cerveza or margarita on your casa’s private patio or upstairs deck.

    In this safe, tranquil haven, you will find incredible natural beauty, an easy-going and relaxed pace, and many new friends. Genuine and Authentic describe our Community and Villas. Come visit and experience a very special place, still hidden from most of the world. We are here to make your every trip memorable … it's The Place To Be!

    Wild Loreto

  • Wild Loreto is the number one Tour Operator in Baja California Sur, Mexico, offering unique outdoor nature adventure tours, Island tours, Historical Tours, Cave paintings tours, and beautiful Sunset Catamaran cruise Tours. Wild Loreto Tour’s Staff go above and beyond to make your visit a memorable unique expierence.


    Glad To Be Here Foundation

  • There is a power in our world that becomes palpable when we enable others to succeed, and that power has a lot to do with giving forward. The Glad to Be Here Foundation is our non-profit arm, and through it we provide funds for worthy organizations and charities all over the world. We collaborate with each client to direct 10% of our fees to charitable causes, in order to make the difference we want to see in the world. - See more at:

    We hope you too can take deep joy in knowing that for every one of these stories, there are children, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers and entire communities of people reaching their hopes and dreams thanks to the work we do together. - See more at:

    Amigos de Loreto A.C.

  • OUR MISSIONTo improve the quality of life for its citizens in the Loreto communities. By concentrating on the medical emergency aspects of the surrounding area, we provide funds to help sustain the emergency care needed, which includes, but not limited to; paramedic training, emergency medical equipment, ambulance repair, and supplies. We also provide funds for the surrounding needs of the community which may relate to all aspects of community enhancement and cultural/environmental sustainability through our own programs or local nonprofit organizations.

    OUR VISIONCommitment - To our donors and their vision to create sustainable communities throughout the Municipality of Loreto, Baja California Sur. Mexico.

    Integrity - We honor donor intent and privacy commitments. We integrate a high level of ethics, integrity and transparency in all of our work.

    Collaboration - To transform our passion into results through strategic partnerships, teamwork and pooling of resources.

    Life in Reels Productions

  • Life in Reels Productions is a San Diego based independent film production company, specializing in short and feature length films, and documentaries. We strive to produce films based on real and unique people, with the intent to inspire and entertain our audiences. Our team includes creative people with decades of experience, and a passion for the craft of filmmaking. We collaborate with film industry organizations and members who share the passion to create films that evoke emotions and appeal to a wide audience.

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    John & Sharon Griner • Martha Miller • The Bours Family


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